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Punk above ground release

Observing the elbow-bashing, mosh-pit etiquette during a performance by Punk band No Liars you realize their music is an intense emotional and physical release.

Keeping it linear

Relatively new band LABS (the abbreviated combination of their names) containing singer song writer, Lindsay Bryan, former top twenty contender at Peak

Duo enveloped in sound

After gaining industry advice at Peak Performance 2014, The Wild Romantics set out this spring on a cross Canada tour with

Capturing the Love of Art

Ashley Opperman closely watched her mother at young age and went on to study two years of visual arts at Camosun college building a portfolio to display in a group art show.

Lay Low part of Nu-Funk Resurgence

Rarely an eleven piece band surfaces in the Victoria Rock scene blended elements of Jazz. It’s hard to ignore the Nu-Funk sound of The New Groovement who were selected for

Uncomplicated Rock

Guys, cars and Rock and Roll. It’s a lifestyle and it’s best kept simple when real life steps in, so that’s exactly how The Stockers are keeping it real.They work hard and jam each week

Wings in community stem from ancient art

At a young age, James Eke began his studies of Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Silat with master martial artist, Dan Inosanto who learned at the foot of Bruce Lee. Eke has become

There’s no sketching it’s all energy

A five time championship career in body building sculpted Sandra Froher’s body; now, in addition to her work as a personal trainer she is revitalizing a lifelong passion with

Not just music, it’s relationships

Relationships are key to growth for the local band AZTEC as they shape their sound and latest works. The band has morphed over the last few years to focus on producing some

Tenacious designer atop her world

As a young girl, furniture designer Christina Hilborne was once fascinated by a contractor and his tools while the bathroom of the family home received a facelift. Then in university,

Investing in the sound to carry it further

After working hard to carve out several songs in the first two years, Morning Show is officially releasing their work as a newly formed band. These talented musicians are all formerly

Canadian Robotics Team aims for World’s

Meet FIX IT 3491 The First Island EXperts In Technology. Team members Guy, Alec, Helen, and Duncan recently won the Canadian Championships. They are the only team

An obsession with the moments passed by

To the neighbours, Jonathan Gleed may have appeared slightly obscure when he was growing up. Rescuing wild animals with his family, spending much of his time

For the Love of Hats

Browsing shops on a weekend getaway, Lynda Marie became infatuated with her very first traditional dress hat. A passion for the texture and structure ensued and never left.

Time for change, so go about it yourself

Having known each other since high school the members of Deep Sea Gypsies, Loke, Johnny, Marty, and Greg, have worked hard in the past few years to propel the band forward.