The power of music that moves you

All heads turn to Ocian Flo as the lights are dimmed and a soft drone begins. Her impressive set of large crystal bowls come to life.

For Ocian, in the beginning, the resonating sound completely moved her. It was uniquely rhythmic with each twist of her wrist and various degrees of pressure. She had studied the body, learned to be a Reiki Master and in pursuit of her conscious evolution, found her ideals for healing could incorporate these rare instruments.

Jay Schwed shared with her that the vibrations of the bowls increased the energy frequency of the body and earth around us. Ocian’s confidence grew into a new passion. Her voice, a glass triangle, and chimes are extra musical apparatus incorporated in her performances. Conferences, groups, and non-profits use her sounds in workshops, fundraisers or team events to create enlivening, beautiful and powerful inspiration.

Ocian is only beginning to realize her potential from the harmony she instills with clarity of thought and relaxation.

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