Generous world experiences an author makes

Exploring the world with a humanitarian organization, Rebecca Sky found herself in rare situations — a group home for abused girls in China, remote villages in the Amazon, teaching tropical medicine in West Africa.

Even after a life threatening spider bite which put her in a comma and left her with chronic pain, Sky continued to adventure and reach out to those in need. Her experiences and wild literary mind have since inspired her to write fantasy stories for young adults allowing readers to escape the world around them. After publishing her books online for free three years ago Sky now has over 25,000 fans.

When her novel The Love Curse hit 10 million reads on Wattpad last year, Pulitzer prize journalist, David Streitfeld of the NYTimes personally called her for an interview.

Now signed with three agencies, Sky’s content has been optioned for film and has the potential to become a new TV series with a media agent who has worked on franchises such as Twilight and Percy Jackson.

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