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Vic42 is a community of people that believe in valuing, inspiring, and celebrating humanity. The community strives to restore hope in the world by creating inspiring content that reminds us of the amazing value of people. We bring features, readers, and patrons together creating a community that celebrates the people that inspire us.

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Al Smith has spent his whole life building communities and helping  people.

As a Director with an international not for profit, he helped build the largest area in Canada and witnessed first-hand how an organization could benefit and contribute to the success of others’ lives.

Al has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 24, when he started a successful commercial aerospace engineering company with his father and brother. Through the years, he has launched and funded multiple start-ups which led to his work as a turnaround CEO. Al has always quickly risen to a leadership role and focused on helping people and mentoring anyone that asked for his guidance.

Alongside his leadership and business development acumen, Al has a strong creative side.  He is an equally gifted photographer, specializing in environmental portraiture, with a talent for telling stories about people through his lens.

“My passion has always been to help people pull together for the betterment of everyone.  My whole history has come together because of how much I value people and want to help uplift them.  My natural response has always been that I want to help support and empower, and Vic42 will be a celebration that does just that.”

Al thrives where entrepreneurialism, creativity, photography, and people collided!

Christina Morrison is known for her integrity, tenacity, and unwavering resolve to stand up for and do what is right.

As the director of the internationally touring dance company, Salsa Caliente, she understands first-hand the struggles of doing something different in an industry, while pushing others to be their best. She has been a strong advocate for assuring that dancers of all ages, shapes, sizes and cultures have equal access to opportunities based on merit.

On top of her already impressive achievements in dance, she is an accomplished musician, event planner, and travel consultant. Her ability to make everyone feel like a VIP, while fixing problems before they are even noticed, make her uniquely qualified to help tackle the logistics of bringing people’s stories into the spotlight.

“I am a firm believer that with hard work and the right attitude, amazing things are possible. I have met so many inspiring people in my travels that are unknown or under-recognized and I am so excited to be able to help shine a light their way.”

Christina is at her best when she is helping orchestrate the exultation of others.

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