Punk above ground release

Observing the elbow-bashing, mosh-pit etiquette during a performance by Punk band No Liars you realize their music is an intense emotional and physical release.

It is a shared catharsis for both the fans and the band who are super chill off stage. For the past ten years the members of No Liars were active in various bands ranging in genre from folk to alternative rock and metal, all the while growing together as musicians and friends.

They decided they to return to their roots and throw down a powerful, melodic, gritty, and soul turning sound – likened to bands such as At The Drive In, Brand New and “Alexisonfire without George.” It all changed when Noah Edwards sat down to write the songs he had wanted to for years. He then enlisted the help of Eric Paone on guitar, Mike Battle on drums, Jonathan Graves on bass and with Morely Graff as the front man, and a serious new dynamic took place. No Liars is keeping Punk above ground and charging forward as The Zone 91-3FM’s Band of the Month.

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