Time for change, so go about it yourself

Having known each other since high school the members of Deep Sea Gypsies, Loke, Johnny, Marty, and Greg, have worked hard in the past few years to propel the band forward.

They have always been rooted in classic Rock and Blues and have evolved from doing Muddy Water covers and older rock into a sound of their own. “Touring is a place where you defiantly earn your licks and become tighter as a band,” which is what they planned to be doing more of as they push out their sound to coming festivals – Rock the Woods,

Tall Tree, Artist Festival, Rhythm on the Rock, and Elevate the Arts. Rock the Shores is their next big dream! From past experience they know that the sign of a really good show is when the bar is run dry and the only thing left is a few bottles of Guiness and a bottle of Vodka. Recently Deep Sea Gypsies were selected by The ZONE 91-3FM as band of the month!

The band is adding a new EP to their two demo albums and have plans to do all in-house in preparation for mastering.

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