Capturing the Love of Art

Ashley Opperman closely watched her mother at young age and went on to study two years of visual arts at Camosun college building a portfolio to display in a group art show.

The idea of implementing all the areas of her studies from graphic design to water colour unravelled with her love of capturing emotion drawn from observing natural west coast beauty. Thrown into learning video, performance art, clay and welding Opperman walked away with from her classes with an affinity for textiles.

Her wild vision for raw marble interpreted as painted fabric became a collection she has build over the last year. She challenged herself to echo the small details on large scale pieces of canvas. Torn or shredded, painted or draped she worked the canvas in new ways to play with the elements of acrylic and the behaviour of the fabric as her way of recording her experience with natural elements and with her love of art.

Ashley walks the peaceful path of emotional truth in her work.

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