Not just music, it’s relationships

Relationships are key to growth for the local band AZTEC as they shape their sound and latest works.

The band has morphed over the last few years to focus on producing some solid rock – Indie as a genera. Listening to their previous recordings it’s easy to see just how far they have come. They also know they have a long way to go. With a touring’ van and a five year plan outlining their goals they will do what it takes while conscious of not creating just another “west coast band.”

AZTEC is patient and taking their time to reach particular contacts. Chosen as Band of the Month with The ZONE @ 91-3FM was one of those goals. AZTEC plans to work with Nathan Hussey (of All Get Out) to record their latest songs.

AZTEC’s merchandise is also going to receive some artistic touches from well known keyboard player Chris Freeman.

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