Lay Low part of Nu-Funk Resurgence

Rarely an eleven piece band surfaces in the Victoria Rock scene blended elements of Jazz.

It’s hard to ignore the Nu-Funk sound of The New Groovement who were selected for August’s Band of the Monthat The ZONE 91-3 FM. Their scale of live music is a cool, refreshing change. On the heels of their first live album, the band was scooped up for Jazz Fest and after the next three songs they were asked to perform at Rifflandia and Tall Tree.

Coming out of the recording studio this year, six more songs completed their album that was two years in the making. Their organized, forward vision to always move on to the “next thing” helps in today’s age when it’s expensive for a band of their size to travel and be paid for smaller gigs.

With several schooled musical geniuses, a rapping MC, a doctor of philosophy, killer horns and savvy vocals they are skilled at compromise – everyone is free to contribute, cohesive elements align with an understanding they give their best in everything they produce.

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