Work. Surf. Eat. Travel. Repeat.

For Nick Van Buren and Paul D. Long, this motto was their livelihood right out of high school.

While surfing shorelines around the world they often chose to cross continents and to meet up in search of the perfect “blank nothingness,” a high of pure adrenaline, which drove them to become extreme surfboarding enthusiasts. Nick grasped the techniques of board building when he toured to meet a few independent builders who helped show him the ropes.

Around that time Paul had checked off a portion of his bucket-list and decided to find roots close to the south island surfing opportunities in Sooke by living in Victoria. Together their passion for the ocean meant bringing the beach to the city which inspired them to create a one-of-a-kind, off the grid surf shop.

This vision was supported by a very successful crowd-funding campaign to purchase the solar power system. The location for manufacturing boards in town is a skillfully crafted eco-store front that’s now making waves.

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