What it could be, not what it should be…

… a perspective embodied by each original Caleb Speller piece. Art hid Speller from pressures at school and after graduation his travels to Hawaii, Thailand, and Australia aided in a deeper connection to himself, his beliefs, and the world. While rebuilding custom bicycles, Speller earned a Visual Arts diploma at Camosun College which introduced many new mediums. His focus became ceramics, watercolour, and photography, yet unorthodox. Gaining confidence, he knocked on doors in the creative community and his work was invited to display at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria during the Warhol exhibit. Speller’s inspiration continues to grow, whether it’s carving hockey pucks into print blocks, building a studio from found materials, or studying plant life from his garden. His newly assembled table book showcases images of his work and how he is shaped by surroundings, accessible materials and the recesses of his mind’s visual dictionary. There is no destination, he is active in the present.

Website: http://calebspeller.yolasite.com

alanWhat it could be, not what it should be…
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The earth and glass fuel a new eco-passion

After graduating from forestry and one of the first ever Eco-Tourism courses in 1999, Tyler Hayes chose to head west from Ontario to explore related jobs such as spacing forest growth in Grand Prairie and river guiding in Jasper. Intending to explore the coast, Hayes purchased a van. On his trip to Vancouver Island Hayes met with a glass blower and decided to buy the artist’s work to sell at festivals along the coast to California. Hayes became fascinated with how glass was made and the malleability of the material. Then an idea to create his own pieces sparked something for him. Shortly after, he found an artistic business partner, applied for grants, trained and bought a shop. Hayes works with borosilicate glass, the highest grade of glass commonly known as Pyrex. His beautiful pendants, sea life figurines, and globes are all over the world. This year Hayes blends purpose and passion together to manufacture, by hand, the only environmentally friendly glass straws produced in Canada.

Website: http://www.mysticglasscreations.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysticGlassCreations

alanThe earth and glass fuel a new eco-passion
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Artist’s emerging passion and bold style catapults career

Josh Miller, like many people, studied at University, found a career (in carpentry), and is a self-proclaimed “simple kind of guy”. Until last year; fate dealt a serious accident, preventing him from working. During his recovery, his teenage impulse (un-pursued interest to attend Emily Carr) revealed painting as more than a hobby. It was totally fulfilling. Inspired by his fiancé’s appreciation of fine art, he creates with bold colour (straight from the tube, no solvents like artists of the 1930’s) and uses only a pallet knife, with aspirations to be the next D Kooning. This passion gained serious momentum, listing him in the top 10 at the Emerging Art Gallery (Victoria) his first year. He feels by rejecting the standard art community expectations, the response to his work is growing and continues to seep through appreciating channels. His goal: to eventually show in London.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Joshua.James.Miller.Inc

alanArtist’s emerging passion and bold style catapults career
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