Introspective work creates a movement for women

Life has a way of working itself out, but if you ask Alice Bracegirdle it has a way of “moving” into place.

During a dark time in her life as a single mom on welfare she woke up one day, said “enough” and jumped up dancing. Bracegirdle wanted a better life for her daughter and to be a happy mother. She called on past dance experience and a lifetime of Yoga practice, which resulted in moving everyone around her.

Today, her loving relationship with husband DJ Rowan is a partnership where he mixes a fusion of ethno-electronica music and ambient soundscapes and she creates the holistic dance/fitness components known as Bellyfit®. She has now trained over 400 instructors worldwide offering women a soul inspiring stress release workout no matter their age or physical ability. Alice knows the value of getting “to know yourself.”

Every person has room to let in more love and share it and that’s exactly what Bracegirdle is doing.

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