Superficial beliefs about beauty have met their match

Out to show that beauty is more about self-appreciation, self-love and confidence Melodie Reynolds shares her own journey to acceptance with other women in a unique way.

Reynolds’ past career with a big name cosmetics company as National Director of Education is where she became fascinated by product contents. In 2008, she moved to London, England and explored the production of handmade cosmetics; the chemistry, the ingredients and array of natural options excited her. She saw an opportunity.

To understand the industry further she joined Aveda. Then in August 2013 her family moved west to Victoria and she created “make your own” workshops where she could encourage and educate women. The class popularity indicated to Reynolds she was on the right path.

Self-funded, Fall 2014, she launches a “completely chemical free” line of eco-beauty cosmetics giving women a clean choice, safe to use in their personal beauty routines which this busy mom describes as “moments to cherish for yourself and feel good.”

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