Revealing an incredible journey through pop surrealism

Wisely backed by her Fine Arts Degree, Carollyne Yardley intuitively added History in hopes of becoming an antiques buyer for Sotheby’s.

However, she found a business partner in designing software and became the front end of a highly recognized web design company, Starglobal. Years later, as they discussed technology becoming more mobile, they paired down the company and Carollyne prepared herself for the next step.

For months, she free-wrote about everything she loved – costumes, fine art, comfort, ballroom dancing and the squirrels outside her window. The result was a mastery of pop surrealism paintings; an eclectic blend of squirrel in human form, dressed in finery.

To some aficionados, the characters of Carollyne’s paintings have an individual soul and are welcomed as new members of their home. For Carollyne, her recent work reveals the layers of herself in process.

Allowing herself to bridge from the world of technology (the squirrel) into her true self the artist (a human girl), she emerges at a whole new level.

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