If Personality had a Name

If Personality had a name it would probably be Dylan Willows – the suave, brilliant morning host of The ZONE 91.3 and co-producer of the season opener for musical festivals on Vancouver Island, VICFEST.

The coolest thing about Dylan is the tremendous support he has given to the local music community as a whole. Showing casing bands through The ZONE 91.3‘s on air program Band of the Month. He is literally on the pulse of the individuals’ names, bands, venues, festivals, and the newest top talent in the city.

His relationships to musicians is genuine and he states “that the camaraderie and collaboration is one of the best things about Victoria’s music hub.” Dylan’s days as a disc jockey are the extension of his connections and he is the same in person as he is on air. If you have the chance, take Dylan on during his morning program Dylan Vs. The World.

He’s a pretty smart guy, but not all the questions Jason Lamb shoots out are about music.

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