Obese to Athlete a personal journey of perseverance stroke by stroke

In 2010, Caroline Walker, barely five feet tall, was 239 pounds and in dire need of change – so she chose to pursue her vision to become an athlete.

Caroline hired Brent St. John to coach her and get her fit for cycling across Canada. With the little time she had while working, she did circuit training at home. Achieving her fifty pound weight loss, she was on track until she broke her ankle. Swimming Elk Lake she maintained her weight during rehab.

Amidst everything, Caroline found something magical; she could swim great distances in open water and loved it! Having little background in swimming, she hired Magali Tisseyre (professional Triathlete) and in few months started with a winning team to further develop her technique, speed, and open water training.

Caroline is exceeding expectations of a first year swimmer and is physically and mentally going beyond expectations of her. Eight months later, she’s now focused on a career as an athlete – Ultra Marathon swimmer.

First objective, Lake Cowichan. Second, the Juan de Fuca Straight.

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