Preserving the rich story in wood through conscious design

Growing up admiring Vancouver’s early Modernism movement and Stanley Park’s old growth forests Kirk Van Ludwig became acutely aware of the environment around him.

He pursued intensive training in the millwork and wood manufacturing industry and studied modern architects fascinated by simplicity and clarity of form. Kirk’s gift is seeking fine wood (sustainable / renewable) and designing furniture based on the natural state of the wood like a stone sculptor.

With years of experience Kirk recently launched his own furniture designs – Autonomous Furniture Collective. Community-minded Kirk hand picks single trees on private lots with consideration for environmental impact and follows the wood through its entire chain of custody ensuring the local community is benefited by each piece of furniture produced. Kirk is a believer that less is more.

His appreciation of wood and modern blend of raw materials and contrasting industrial materials (metal and acrylic) is now sought by designers abroad.

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