Silkscreen motifs create original works of West Coast fashion

Darlingly alternative silk screen patterns adorn some of the most practical west coast fashions of designer archetype Trish Tacoma.

For Trish, jumping fromretail management into the design world forced a revolutionary new look at finding a face (a store front) on a tight budget. Hence, Smoking Lily on Johnson Street downtown is actually one of the smallest stores in the World (tucked into an exterior of a elevator shaft).

Trish saw many twists and turns in growing a unique fashion line; by staying true to her intuitive inspirations and pure blend fabrics both women and men are drawn to wearing her superb fitting clothing. Far from ordinary, her printed work has opened consumer interest in Vancouver and a second location, Milkman’s Daughter (because her dad actually was), in Victoria which is contained in a building along side a Buddhist Temple.

Producing everything locally in her studio, Trish’s fantastic team work in beautiful materials such as cotton and bamboo to churn out luxurious and flowing figure flattering styles that are so comfortable!

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