The buzz about a keeper in our garden city

Without bees most foods would not exist (and we would not exist for that matter). Beekeeper Brian Scullion sees very clearly where bees fit into our communities and cities.

Producing 100 pounds of honey from these roof top hives for a hotel restaurant last year, Brian is a beekeeper in demand. Conducting talks whenever and wherever requested Scullion has taken on a would be retirement hobby much earlier than expected.

His curiosity led him join the local Capital Region Beekeepers Association in 2001 and since it’s become a larger than life activity. These small highly-sophisticated societies of Apis Mellifera – the European honey bee – are bred by Brian to be as mild tempered as possible. Among the many other keepers and growers, he helps keep our city blooming to produce more ample plants and fruits.

Brianeducates people how to keep such vital bees producing year round and on how the world’s bee brokering effects the wellness and survival of bees.

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