World Champion Body Builder builds new possibilities in the lives of others

Sandra Froher grasped her ProCard after winning world attention at the 2009 I.N.B.A. Flex Appeal International, where she took home Ms. Figure Open Tall (1st Place) and Ms. Figure Master (1st Place).

Her determination to be healthy and sculpted was her main inspiration, however enjoying the painstaking process was the key to reaching her goals. Sandra’s biggest battle? Competing against herself. Ultimately, she sought to beat her last performance or body condition. At competition, she was the focused Canadian whose personality stood out amongst the other bidding egos.

It was a winning combination of attitude and physical conditioning. Today, this truly grounded and inspiring athlete is not only grooming up-and-coming body builders, she also motivates couples seeking healthier lifestyles and helps people suffering from physical challenges such as fibromyalgia.

Sandra is passionate about helping more people through her online training program and a new series of cookbooks for best choice meal planning.

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