Digital precision meets analogue complexity in the production of sound

Born into a family of film producers, David Parfit’s passion combines visual imagery, sound and music to create a deep emotional connection with viewers and listeners.

At eighteen, he scored his first news short for National Geographic and loved the whole process. Now, as an independent film composer and technologist with his own proprietorship, Seaside Sound, David finds himself involved with extremely interesting projects manipulating digital technology to create, capture, and alter bits from the analogue world.

David’s careerhighlight thus far was the years spent working with his family to create and then turn a little 42-minute one-off TV documentary about Luna (the orca) into a feature-length theatrical film, The Whale, (Critic’s Pick, The New York Times).  Recently, he scored two TV series’ and mixed another, including Asterisk Productions’ Apocalypse… When?  

Additionally, he is working on a new interactive art partnership with Scott Amos, called Monkey C Interactive, plus his first solo album.

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