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The quiet resource town on the Sunshine Coast Jordan Oram grew up in considered him a rebel because he took computers and self-education seriously and finished high school instead of dropping out.

Focused on discovering his calling, Oram traveled the globe leading a university mentorship program on conflict resolution in Africa. He visited the house of Desmond Tutu, shook hands with F.W. De Klerk (who freed Nelson Mandela) and explored the perspective of people and how our beliefs affect the way we interact with the world.

In his thirties Oram left his career as a registered massage therapist to travel across Canada with $250 in his pocket. Jordan stayed among friends in exchange for lending a hand or sharing a story and was given cameras to document the trip plus other unexpected things. His ideas were reinforced as he made the astounding discovery that all people are amazing – their untapped potential is phenomenal.

His collection of stories and images helped fulfill his calling – to create a new self-discovery mentorship program.

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