Soulful with an edge like nobody’s business

Singer songwriter Georgia Murray and her undeniable soulful voice are heading down the glittery road of success.

Her vision and sound are evolving in a way that’s not expected and she’s accumulating a list of PR accomplishments that epitomize her sultry, Hip Hop, knock-your-socks-off attitude. Belting out any genre she chooses, dark elements and emotion pry back the innocence of a young performer.

Since early on, while entertaining guests and family at their small wilderness lodge, Georgia has felt devoted to connecting with her audience. There is no end to her edgy vibrant sound and new techniques like the newly added live vocal looping in her shows.

Georgia’s musical dream world includes exceptional accompaniment the likes of DJ DWhiz (partner/producer), recent collaboration with world renowned Dubstep producer Datsik, plus opening and playing with popular artists such as Macy Gray and Method Man amongst others.

Check out her latest work as LIINKS with her partner DJ DWhiz!

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