Salsa sensation builds dream career on passion and talent for choreography

At the age of four, Christina Morrison knew she wanted to be a dancer. For a period of ten years she explored ballet, jazz and ballroom, yet nothing was exactly what she envisioned.

Then during university, she discovered salsa and perused lessons traveling every weekend to Seattle where she received an opportunity to perform at the New York Salsa Congress.

Though new and slightly overwhelmed, she was confident sharing the stage with the world’s top dancers. Recognizing her positive attitude organizers invited her to choreograph a team for the next event. Feeling she lacked experience she declined. The organizers insisted, shipping her an official event poster highlighting her return. Over eleven years, her passion and dedication have helped her build a remarkable career and company, Salsa Caliente.

As a certified judge, and the only instructor in Canada certified by the World Salsa University, she continues to extensively tour her team and performs annually in New York.

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