A designer lifestyle involves royal hospitality and touch of reality

He could easily be the universal man of design. Ivan Meade’s origin of passion is beauty and his brilliant mind is a mix of ideas which transform interiors and company branding.

His philosophy; to value things you touch everyday and find luxury within your means, “…it’s a choice to seek that which pleases us. Quality doesn’t necessarily have a huge price tag.” Ivan may have A-list clients whose homes he has finely adorned, yet he has a keen, practical sense of living well.

Ivan’s interviews with local and world famous designers places him on the map as a true expert. The tables turned, Vic42 asks the design mogul his own famous interview question; “What was the first memory you have of design?”

With joy he shared fond memories of his mother asking him to set the table; hand-drawing all the place settings, collecting florals from all over the home and the guests sitting with applause… the feeling has never left him.

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