True to form, artist gives a hand-drawn bent on architecture

Marty Machacek started as an apprentice for a small architectural firm in Calgary and soon after realized a career in the industry wasn’t very optimistic.

He wanted to continue his passion for cycling and raced in various parts of the world. Visiting and drawing the castles of Prague (his home city) and decrepit grain elevators of Canadian prairies was far more enjoyable. In the winter, he housesat for a friend in Victoria; a more appealing cycling climate. 

On his visit, he sat at Wildfire Bakery experimenting and sketching a distorted building; a romantic convex / concave, fluid warping of form. A passerby, peering over his shoulder, offered to buy it once finished. And like a switch Victoria became home and Art a career. Marty cycles and photographs Victoria’s endless resource of hidden structures giving each a believable twist, which dictates the shape of Marty’s signature hand-carved wooden canvases.

With pleasure Marty completes a list of commissions and proposals for his work.

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