Brushing out the stigma in a big way

Man has been writing on walls since the time of cavemen, yet accepting community or public art is challenging in today’s age.

It’s also something Morgan Macaulay seeks to change. Abandoned walls became his play ground at an early age and the Rock Solid police team members saw an opportunity to help develop an artistic creative teen and his friends by keeping an off-the-beaten path – “Trackside Gallery” clean and problem free.

They dug, built, painted, and picked up trash. Public activists later painted over it; the garbage came back and it’s purpose disappeared. With years of dedicated work, Morgan developed skills to lay down proportionate life like drawings to scale. Today, his murals are blending the natural world with art, meaning, and messages for schools and on stark corporate walls of major cities.

Morgan’s massive projects are a full-time commitments once they begin; festivals, music videos and families have commissioned murals to tell an important story.

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