Evading, Evolving, Enigma

For singer songwriter Geoffrey Lundstrom his best work is produced when he permits his mind child-like freedom – evading expectations of the collective norm.

With inspiration ranging from current Hip-Hop to Elvis’s Gospel, he takes risks incorporating more unorthodox writing. Notably, his latest EP “HEARTATTACK” aims for a new level of cohesive sound while reflecting each songs’ individual nature. Lundstrom’s Live shows evolve constantly; a seemingly revolving door of band members, instrumentation and songs allow Geoffrey to experiment and “really boil them down to the most important parts.” 

A devoted artist, Lundstrom states, “For me, everything I’ve done is a testament to the importance of standing by your art. Doing it for no-one but you.” As a fixture in the local music scene, he is found rocking it out with “LOST BOYS,” on stage at Rifflandia, Tall Tree Music Fest, Song&Surf, opening for Benjamin Francis Leftwich, plus working with producer Mike Fraser.

Geoffrey Lundstrom: Band of the Month the ZONE 91.3FM.

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