Mystically engineered local band Isobel Triggerculminates a sound and vocals reflecting the work of famous singers such as Bjork and Florence Welch. Their original music leaves fans suspended with rapture between soft feminine loftiness and a resonance upsurge. Videos for their latest EP Nocturnal featuring their singles “ Dust and Bones” and “Tiger Shark” (soon to be released) showcase the band’s originality and the undeniable voice of lead singer Felicia Harding. This up-and-coming band is locked-in by every members’ professional commitment which was re-enforced during an impromptu request to sing a favourite line; Felicia was not left hanging – Kyle Lowther (Base), Ariel Tseng (Drums), and Brett Faulkner (Guitar) pulled off an astounding beat box a cappella moment. Isobel Trigger is bursting out to perform live at Tall Tree 2014 and their first fly-in to Smithers for the Mid-Summer Festival. The ZONE 91.3FM’s Band of the Month!


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