Sharing the vital chapters in life to living well

At a point during Ari Hershberg’s university studies, a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s biography and his philosophy of living a full life through the five senses, put Ari into a tail spin of voracious reading.

Hershbergs’s most immediate interest was discovering more about living well, eating healthy and having good physical and mental wellness. He made it his goal to read a book a week. Ari’s background in marketing and profiling high level speaker talent came with him to Victoria after several years abroad.

He was compelled to find a way to showcase more of Victoria’s unique qualities by observing what the city was currently in need of. With a surplus of knowledge, and passion to help educate others on the fascinating writings of authors living well, Ari knocked on endless doors to gain support for creating the city’s first Gluten-Free, Health and Wellness Festival. After successfully bringing in well known author of Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis, and 43 vendors, this year they are knocking on his door.

A plethora of new workshops and information awaits!

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