From catch to table the London Chef teaches cooking is fun

Dan Hayes’ strong suit in life turned out to be a keen curiosity with food – from catch to table.

A choice that was both a blessing and life long career built on dedication. Hayes by no means made it easy on himself, he studied and apprenticed under the popular BBC television host Chef, Rich Stein. Dan toiled through his learning experience to master all levels of preparation and was hired by some of Europe’s top Michelin starred restaurants specializing in seafood, traditional French and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Eventually he left the industry to teach his own classes in London where he met his now-wife Micayla. Together they brought the fun and simplified art of cooking into the lives of the people here. Dan educates everyone (families, children, and professionals) on how to make cooking fun inside his stunning customized kitchen classroom

Essentially, his vision is to bring back the ease and joy of dining and socializing at the family table.

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