Human spirit , our resiliency, and mutual needs shine in story of hope

Resulting from numerous events in Canada which impacted her family, Monique Gray Smith grew up with the silent shame of internalized racism unable to identify with her culture as a First Nations child.

Thankfully Monique’s precious being shines today through characters wisely written in her inspiring novel Tilly: a Story of Hope and Resilience. Loosely based on her own journey, Tilly also marks historical events of immense cultural impact.

Monique witnessed first-hand resiliency of human spirit, both working on acute psychiatric wards in Vancouver and in her business, Little Drum Consulting; each reflected her exploration to self-acceptance. In her process, Monique was gifted her traditional name during a Yuweepi Ceremony, more grounded healing which supported her being sober over twenty-two years.

She hopes her book allows all people to see the First People’s of our country through a different lens – to be empathic toward current and historical situations, and honour the amazing breakthroughs.

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