Art form vs. consumption, a global perspective on coffee

Professional barista Logan Gray serves up a refined appreciation for coffee’s numerous characteristics.

His affinity for tasting, cupping and grades of coffee grew while living in Australia. Logan’s passion for specialty coffee and coffee terroir rose from entering the arena of world competition. Mingling with the best baristas and coffee tasters performing to the highest degree, his knowledge swelled. He honed his skills to complete multiple levels of coffee grading certifications.

Twice Logan placed second at the BC’s Barista Competition and Sixth in Canada. Afterwards, he took stake in the family coffee house(s), Discovery Coffee, to help bring everyone great coffee and shape the connection with community. At work and in his classes Logan translates the enigmatic process of coffee from farm to cup into simpler terms, “One-by-one” hand sorted coffee cherries, sourcing well-farmed soils, and the fine balance of roasting to perfection.

The flavour compounds and complexity of coffee are comparable to that of wine.”

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