A life worth living and the miles in between

The first rehearsal space for Johnny Galactic was a friend’s small farm shed; it did the job as they evolved to regular gigs at 17Mile House, around the city and then on to popular local festivals – such as Tall Tree.

Constructing their their sound, which embodies many familiar Canadian rock artists, is a combination of lyrics from journeys throughout the life of singer songwriter / guitarist Jon Reid, some good old story telling and a cohesive unfolding wrapped tightly by their individual talent. Graham’s backbone on drums and Aran’s strength on bass are a solid contribution, and with Jon the era he grew up in and experience in a Celtic rock band help forge his passion.

Their lyric video for “ Crash Bang” is mesmerizingly cool. Wonder where Johnny Galatic (as a name) comes from? Some favourite lyrics of Jon’s written in college – “Johnny Weedwacker, a space cowboy suit and a bar fight “- fun enough to shorten!

Selected by the ZONE 91.3FM as Band of the Month more play is well deserved!

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