Straight Faced Characters Present Stories of Social Diversity & Political Science

With a group name like Everybody Left you might think they clear a room intentionally with harsh loud noise.

To the contrary, in fact, their raw noise blends some familiar genres that entangle lyrics about society’s current conditions causing frustrations in their personal lives. Not taking any particular firm political stance, the band does inspire to share one message, “to get up, stand up” verses complaining from the sofa.

Recording verses just writing is their position on consistently performing well and bringing story (a definite beginning, middle and end) through song. Seasoned modern music listeners of The ZONE 91.3 will get to hear a month of their single, Gun Fight (references to avoiding an initial fight and looking for other methods).

Selected as March’s BOTM avid fans of Sublime, Cake, Chilly Peppers, Ska, Funk and Hip Hop will undoubtably appreciate their inflexible groove incorporated into much of their sound.

They are true friends among an audience and invite Victoria to come hear them live.

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