The Distance from the Trig is all that matters

Born athletic powerhouse Adam Drummond made the BC football Juniors in his twenties, but to sustain a living and make time for family it meant a different kind of commitment.

For Adam the gym felt purposeless, he thrives on direction. In 2006, a friend turned him on to the Highland Games; Adam appreciated the strong man competition aspect. Drummond’s first clinic was with five time World Champ Ryan Vierra. A combination of throwing, disciplines (his favourite the Scottish Hammer), and the great people sealed the deal for Drummond. 

Adam connected with Carl, his first training partner, and Ray Siochowicz, the current Athletic Director, to found V.I.S.T.A. Today, Craigflower Manor is their permanent training ground. In North America, only the Top Open Class athletes are invited to compete in Games with purses and Adam has received special invitations already.

As our local pro Adam competes at the coming Highland Games in Victoria and he plans to bring the muscle and adrenaline to throw it home!

Next, The Icelandic Games.

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