The real deal in mountain biking aims for consistent first on the podium

Soaring off a twenty foot drop, Dean Tennant hucks his mountain bike down a secretive west coast trail on the outskirts of Victoria.

As a competitive mountain biker and coach, Dean rides every chance he gets. His natural, orectic will is what guides him through every turn. Preparing for races, he carefully selects the line he plans to ride on the gnarly race course set before him. He is an ace at placing first in the seating runs and should he finish the actual race in less than first place it is only a temporary, yet motivating, frustration.

Inspired by other local top riders, Andrew Mitchell, Geoff Pendrel, and Mike Jones, Dean describes, “reviewing videos of their epic rides to frequently improve.” In addition, Dean regularly trains on a challenging forested mountain trail he designed.

As 2012 Vancouver Island Champion, Dean desires to compete at all the World races (to increase his ranking) and to place first at the Nationals.

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