Remarkable mind bending artwork

Throughout his life experiences Ian Cooper’s extraordinary talent with pen and ink has evolved to create collections of exquisite visual images that are complex and highly-intriguing.

As a teen Cooper was inspired by a zoologist’s pen and ink drawings which has lead to his current work. By special invitation, Ian was later introduced to drawings held at the Royal Victoria Museum of Ottawa that demonstrated a delicate stippling technique – highly intricate and time consuming. The incorporation of the technique to his repertoire of innate skills forever changed his drawings which he has sold to thousands of visitors from his corner of Victoria’s inner harbour year round.

His surreal images bend the the viewer’s mind to look deeper into the picture to discover a picture within a picture. Theres are certain Dali reality-defying elements to Ian Cooper images.

Cooper is also continuously documenting the animals and harbour life of the picturesque city causeway sharing his stimulating art with passersby.

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