Peaceful sound creating connection within the real world

Downstairs among old barrels in a historic tavern during the Canadian Music Festival in Toronto originators of Carmanah, singer songwriters Laura Mitic and Pat Ferguson, both describe their experience as a Dejavu.

As it turned out, their contact set them up to perform in a music lovers venue and the crowd gave an overwhelming welcome. Carmanah’s Folk Roots sound is a compilation of fiddle, old Rhodes organ, sax, mandolin, and djeme melded with Laura’s devilishly sweet voice. Their popularity has steadily gained news worthy recognition in the West Coast music scene.

For certain sounds, they often incorporate other featured musicians, however the core members (Laura, Pat, and Mike Baker) plan on playing multiple Canadian festivals to showoff their EP.

Carmanah’s song, Shelter, favoured by the ZONE 91.3FM as Band of the Month depicts home as a safe have

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