Now it’s time! Sound locked in.

Singer songwriter Evan Bourque of Victoria went the usual route of playing the local pub venues for experience and to get his bearings musically before chasing the attention of media – until now!

The choice was part a deep rooted, well-thought out plan to produce his first “coming out of the woods” album that unearths a rich sound true to who he has become. A move which is not something every ego driven artist can manage to hold back on.

It doesn’t hurt that this up-and-comer can play-up his genuine boyish charm to pull-together the proper image for success. Recently, receiving recognition by the ZONE 91.3FM as Band of the Month, Evan shares how influences by his father’s love of guitar early on and times during high-school that pop-punk Blink-182 might have had something to do with his style – “folk-rock-country-pop.” 

Easy listening, lots of emotion -download “ Hey New Love.”

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