Passionate Pinup takes Vintage act to New York City’s Burlesque Stage

Roll together a bit of I love Lucy, classic 1940s fashions, a savvy Pinup gone burlesque, a degree in political science and what do you get?

The vivacious Bettina May. Reviving vintage acts for over ten years, this former costume designer admired an era which ultimately drew her to performing. While touring the USA, she fell in love with New York where the entertainment industry embraced her.

Her first year on the scene she won New York Festival’s Miss Congeniality giving her reputation a huge boost. “It’s everything in this business,” she conveyed proudly. Accrediting Dita Von Teese as a true inspiration, Bettina also teaches women the art of pinup where all body types are celebrated and personal perceptions of self are transformed.

Bettina expresses sincere desire to return often to Canada while competing internationally and living out her glamourous dreams.

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