Such happiness through hardship keeps artform alive

Classical ballet encompasses Andrea Bayne’s entire world. With an intense rehearsal schedule over twenty-three years, she sacrificed time and body.

Her scholastic studies only put her behind full-time dancers, so she made a commitment which goes beyond words. Andrea’s physical build, technical form and innate ability to translate criticism into valuable information equates to the physical and mental package of Prima Ballerina.

Such sacrifices, however, are often a harsh reality for blossoming ballerinas. Dedicating her life to her career path (from training with Nadia Potts at Ryerson to acceptance to ABS, from training with American Ballet theatre in NYC to working under Paul Destrooper of Ballet Victoria), Andrea speaks passionately of her job. She is a testament to her own beliefs that, “In physical artistry there is always room to better yourself and hard work does pay off.”

Celebrate and be inspired, watch Andrea performing live professional level ballet – The Gift Dec 27th & 29th!

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