Progressive meeting facilitator solves challenges in picture

All her life she knew she wanted to be a teacher, however the system within schools was not the opportunity Lisa Arora imagined for herself.

When options appeared limited her sister wisely suggested, “Why not teach adults?” The blind folds fell aside and a world of unique events lined up. She first led training teams within Government gifting her understanding of group dynamics and management practices.

Eventually, during a meeting for the board of the VSPRC, a graphic facilitator used a white board to draw out the meeting in bold colour picture format notes. Sparking her interest, Lisa went on to learn the origin of group graphics. Training with some of the best, she followed a new path engaging others by facilitating meetings in hand-drawn murals.

From recording speakers at the White House to Fortune 500 companies, these progressive organizations and executives are enabled to unfurl their challenges, discover their futures and allow many voices and opinions to be heard.

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