Stop Marketing and Start Contributing!

“Consistent Visible Social Contribution must fuel your marketing going forward!”

Consumers are changing, and brand loyalty is more fragile than ever. They are more self aware, more educated, more  passionate, more researched, less trusting, and more demanding of the brands and companies they choose!

Both customers and employees are looking to buy from, and work for, companies that demonstrate their values through financially supporting the things that they value. They are extremely critical and hyper focused on your actions as a company.

You MUST demonstrate your values through your financial actions!

It’s not about changing your marketing tools, it’s about changing your marketing content

Above all, they want to see you creating a better world for them. This scrutiny will only continue to grow and intensify over the the next few years. Consistent visible credibility will be the key to your marketing for the foreseeable future.

They see traditional marketing content as intrusive, untrustworthy, disingenuous and the sign of a company that is out of touch.

Strengthen your marketing by Supporting Vic42!

“Making Vic42’s mission your mission will dramatically increase the power of your marketing!”

Vic42 strives to restore hope in the world by creating inspiring content that reminds us of the amazing value of people. We bring features, readers, and patrons together, creating a community that celebrates the people that inspire us.

How does it work?

“It’s about authenticity and reciprocity!”

It’s simple. The more you share and celebrate your support of Vic42 and what we do, the more customers and potential customers trust and value your brand.

Our content is exactly what the world needs and consumers love to share our good news inspiring stories. You will see consumers sharing vic42 content that in turn gives credit and praise back to you for helping make it happen!

The added bonus is that consumers see you supporting something that is trying to make the world a better place for them. This automatically raises your brand above the others and gives you the credibility you need for the future.

Help us unite the world!

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