Video shout out pool
Submit question ideas for interviews
Logo on supporters page
Discount on Year in Review coffee table book
Hangouts with other Patrons
Special discounts
VIP events
Behind the scenes content
Early access to Vic42 event tickets
Random surprises
New content notifications
Early event notifications
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One of the highest honours in the Vic42 community

This is what you receive as a Connoisseur

Video shout out pool: You will be part of the pool of supporters that we thank directly in our video interviews. This adds one more layer to your exposure to the community of Vic42.

Submit question ideas for interviews: When we are interviewing features we will ask for question submission from our Dignitaries, so if there is something that you are excited to know about one of our future features, this is your chance to get in on the conversation.

Logo on Patron Wall of Fame: There is a Supporters area on the website where we have out Patron Wall of Fame. It lists Patrons from top to bottom based on level and time with us. The longer someone has been with us, the closer to the top of their section they are. As a Connoisseur your logo or name will be at the top.

Discounts on Year in Review coffee table book: Even though you will get a free coffee table book as a Dignitary, you also get to buy them at a discount to give as gifts.

Hangouts with other patrons: When Patrons get together, you will be invited to participate and be part of these hangouts where you will meet others that believe in the vision of Vic42.

Special discounts: From time to time, there will be offers from features or from Vic42 just for our Patrons, and you will get special discounts on those offerings.

VIP events: When Vic42 runs events, you will be given VIP treatment at each one.

Behind the scenes content: You get access to behind the scenes content that only Patrons can see.

Early access to Vic42 event tickets: When Vic42 runs events, you will get first dibs on tickets or passes.

Random Surprises: From time to time we may have giveaways and surprises for our Patrons

New shareable content notifications: When a new feature is live, you will be notified so that you can share links to it on your social media, letting people know you support Vic42 and the inspiring people we feature.

Early event notifications: You will be notified of upcoming events so you can plan and be among the first to join in.