Joshua Wagler
February 18th 2015

Caring for the Earth and creating Edible Cities

As a boy Joshua Wagler was drawn by memories of his grandparents’ farm and the view of the city’s massive system from a plane window. In university, Urban Studies really resonated with him and lead him through Asia studying globalization and sustainability. After he returned, he travelled on pennies to escape the harmful effects he saw in huge cities like Beijing, and eventually retreated alone into the mountains. On this rocky road rich with experience, Joshua pursued his life’s purpose and living off the land. Until one day he discovered “it” was coming for him. As one clear evening settled in he saw the lights on the horizon and suddenly knew that “it” (the city) would one day be where he was standing. He knew then that he wanted to help bring Nature back into the urban landscape, one tree at a time. Joshua and Edible Living Landscapes are now using self-sustaining landscaping and natural farming to make use of city micro-climates and raise natural low-maintenance edible cities.
Fantastic statement by Joshua, "I want to live an Edible City... where walking down the street is like a visit to the Garden of Eden. By observing Nature, we can learn to grow the healthiest food possible, in a way that saves money, uses less resources, heals damaged land, and truly nourishes us. We don't need to leave the city to find the the peace and beauty of the forest, and we can grow all the superfoods we need right here!"