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Celebrate your city and the people that make it great!

Vic42 is the first local archive that brings continued awareness to the amazing people living in our own backyard. Our vision is to be a part of creating a community that celebrates itself and takes every opportunity to support local talent and efforts that go beyond the norm! Designed to be a living archive, these online profiles and around the city prints provide Victoria with direct access to the people featured.

Co-founders Alan Smith and Teresa Lindsay are down-to-earth entrepreneurs who created Vic42 from their two main passions in life - people and celebration!

So join us as we embark on a journey of discovering our city!

About the Founders

Photographer & Entrepreneurial Mogul

Alan Smith’s entrepreneurial career began at age 24 when he founded a successful commercial aerospace engineering company with his father and brother. He is currently the founder and primary share holder of Oprius Software, a leading online customer follow-up system. As a published author, he writes for the quarterly journal "Photograph", teaches photography locally, and has a studio in Victoria. Alan thrives where entrepreneurialism, creativity, photography, and people collide!

Fashion Stylist & Entrepreneurial Driver

Teresa Lindsay launched her own consulting company as a professional fashion stylist at 21. Brought up by an entrepreneurial family, she had the confidence to engage media, educate large corporations, and train stylists. She developed Eaton’s local shopping department and was contracted to produce elaborate marketing campaigns for world famous brands as a television host on cruise ships. While contributing fashion editorial to several local publications, her focus is always about shaping people's personal style or building their brand.

Why the name Vic42?

The name Vic42 stems from the novel - The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. In short, the story takes place on an imaginary space-age planet they have a computer that can provide the answer to everything. The community asks the computer, “What is the answer to life the universe and everything?” After many years and great anticipation, the computer spits out the number 42.

For Alan and Teresa the answer to Life, the Universe and everything Victoria is it’s people.

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