Really good cooking or baking is an art like fine music. You can find both in Hanna Kofman’s savory kitchen at Santé Cafe. Refining fabulous food combinations has been something she’s done naturally her whole life. And it’s no wonder; her mother and grandmother were professional chefs. Her second passion, travel, helped her collect flavours from around the world which heavenly influence her wares. You’d never know it, but everything she cooks is gluten-free. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, her change in food choices led her to offering the community of Victoria, and others with food restrictions, an alternative social dining atmosphere. Hanna’s delectable food has stirred up the local newspapers, is endorsed by The Canadian Celiac Association and the local chapter , and is made in the city’s first dedicated gluten-free cafe . Her delicious creations are nutritious for everyone. Hanna is a splendid mix of mentor, food aficionado and passion! Look for her healthy cooking classes this spring.

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