The TALENT will surprise you!

Celebrating and Supporting interesting and inspiring people

When you find yourself wandering the street, grocery store aisles or catching an elevator in Victoria, you never know who you may see! You may not recognize them at first but there are truly amazing people living and walking among us doing incredible work in this city and beyond. Some are recognized in the highest level world wide, some are taking on the challenge of big community solutions, others are living their passion and doing everything to get by. But the thing they all have in common is "pushing beyond by actually doing it!" Vic42 honours them and continues to celebrate them weekly. With over 17,000 readers per release we wish to share our appreciation to our devoted reads and partners who make this possible, our passion project that is now something bigger than we imagined! Check out our latest video short... featuring Jason Verners, young magician!

Vic42 feat. Jason Verners from One Net Marketing on Vimeo.