Man Made Lake
July 1st 2013

Wake up and get off Autopilot! An age of question everything

Thundering sounds rumble the underside of two monstrous silos housing the rehearsal space for the band Man Made Lake. It’s a bit like finding the lost boys’ hideout. Several years ago, they journeyed to China and found unexpected fame performing for thousands of screaming fans in the underground music scene. Today, they consistently surprise their home-town supporters, by interjecting a range of 50’s Doo-wop, avant-garde Rock, Jazz, Rock Opera and change things up with old school ballads and raunchy grooves. It’s a sound they describe as “ Indie Torch Grit Rock.” The seven members are driven by an appreciation for life and fascination of the planet that sustains us. Why the name Man Made Lake? “Our bodies are largely made of water. Together people are one giant walking man made lake.” Going forward, they aim to produce a documentary in China about finding and playing once again with their Chinese drummer ‘Song’. As Band of the Month at the Zone 91-3FM listen for their tune Horsefly.